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IDE Controllers

For the development of application software for machine controllers, MATCH uses common, standardised and freely accessible IDEs (integrated software development environments).

Using standardised programming languages enables the developed application software to be easily reused in other projects.

We have specially enhanced the IDE’s with perfectly tailored features to make handling easier.

The following standard development environments are supported by MATCH:


Eclipse for the application development in C

CODESYS 3.5 for the application development in CODESYS

MATLAB  for the application development in MATLAB/SIMULINK/STATEFLOW


The freely available development environment Eclipse has been adjusted to the individual requirements of control device programming in MATCH.

The same features can therefore be used each time – irrespective of special compilers and processors.

Additionally, features are provided for further optimisation of work in Eclipse. For example, the makefile is automatically adjusted or expanded.

Other C / C ++ IDEs can of course also be used for application development under C.


Both the CODESYS 3.5 runtime system and the MATCH Core and Standard Library are installed together on the controller.

The application’s embedded program code is – as usual with CODESYS – transferred to the controller directly from the IDE and can be executed there.


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TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. Functional safety is included.
Solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controls, extensively tested. Functionally safe up to safety levels PL d and AgPL d (SRL 2).
Accessory products for efficient support in software development and software testing and problem analysis at the machine..
Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.