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The portable data recorder (HMG) allows developers – thanks to the export function for data from PDT – access to any important data relating to the vehicle software project such as CAN signals, PIN diagnostic data, parameters and error information at the press of a button. The HMG can thus access the databases of the controllers in the vehicle, read and of course modify errors, parameters and configurations.

The collected measured data can be transferred via USB to the PC where it is evaluated, processed and stored using convenient analytical tools.

Portable data recorder HMG 4000 for data acquisition and access to data from the vehicle software project. Mobile ergonomic measuring device with USB connection.

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TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. Functional safety is included.
Solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controls, extensively tested. Functionally safe up to safety levels PL d and AgPL d (SRL 2).
Accessory products for efficient support in software development and software testing and problem analysis at the machine..
Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.