SLC (suspension and level control) enables remote control of up to four cylinders for axle suspension. Various topologies of single-axle suspensions or even floating axle suspensions can be realized in different configurations. Ring-side closed-loop pressure control to adjust the suspension characteristics and relationships with engine speed and/or vehicle speed can also be implemented optionally.

Various modes are available for leveling the vehicle: in “Automatic” mode, the controller regulates the strut positions of all cylinders in a parameterized target level range. In “Manual” mode, on the other hand, the travel position can be moved to manually. The entire vehicle can thus be raised or lowered. It is also optionally possible to lift or lower an individual axle pair. The “Lock” function serves to prevent a suspension movement during travel and/or loading.

In addition to sensor specifications, the limits of the travel level, controller characteristics and the relevant geometry-related parameters of the system can also be adjusted.

Advantages of the SLC suspension and leveling system

  • Support of single-axle suspensions and floating axle suspensions
  • Support of various operating modes: “Automatic”, “Manual” and “Lock”
  • Parameterizable controller characteristics
  • Optional expansion of the I/O number to increase function outputs for systems with high/full functional scope: a main HY-TTC 32S controller in the “PLUS” variant can be combined with an additional HY-TTC32S “Enhanced” module to form one overall control system.
  • Very good system diagnosis and error identification through permanent monitoring functions
  • J1939 DM1 error protocol available, error information can also be depicted with error lamps as an option


The software is available in the variants BASIC, PLUS and PLUS ENHANCED. The variants build on each other.

The two basic variants BASIC and PLUS represent various levels of functional scope in the main controller. The PLUS ENHANCED variant enables the number of realizable functions in the basic variant PLUS to be enhanced.



BASIC version for the main controller HY-TTC 32S. Includes the leveling function for up to four logical axles/cylinders. The ring-side closed-loop pressure control function for adjusting the suspension characteristics and various locking functions are not available.



PLUS version for the main controller HY-TTC 32S. Includes alongside the leveling function of the BASIC variant both the ring-side closed-loop pressure control function for adjusting the suspension characteristics and the two variants of the locking function—“Lock in cylinder end position” and “Lock in any cylinder position” by means of additional check valves.



PLUS ENHANCED is an extension of the Plus version and is available on its own HY-TTC 32S controller. It is used when the I/O number of the main controller needs to be increased. With PLUS ENHANCED, the inputs and outputs can be expanded in a straightforward way by adding the resources of an extra HY-TTC 32S. This makes it possible to realize systems with up to four logical axles/cylinders with leveling, pressure control and locking functions.


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