MATCH in Field Service

Perfect service organisation with worldwide access management and support.


MATCH in Field Service

Service Organisation and Field Service Engineering

MATCH Software Suite provides all the functions necessary for performing daily tasks in modern Field Service Engineering: from basic “Plug-and-Play” functions – such as PIN diagnosis, parameter setting and error management – through specifically tailored diagnostic pages to the documentation of the machine status.

Convenient user administration allows the implementation of various access levels with individual coordination of access rights.

In addition to enabling the later installation of options and the download of new software versions, remote access to the machine is also supported.

MATCH for machine configuration, maintenance, service, repair

Advantages at a glance

  • “Plug-and-Play” service tool
  • Machine- specific user administration
  • Different access levels
  • PDF-based machine documentation
  • Simultaneous access to all the controllers of the machine
  • Remote data access for all functions
  • Language extension for worldwide use
  • Machine-specific diagnostic pages
Service Organisation and Field Service Engineering


Service Organisation

The "Designer" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) can be used for any extension of the service languages, creation of specific diagnostic / calibration pages and addition of help documents. Any software state variables can be conveniently integrated via "plug and play". Access and rights management guarantees a perfect fit with dealers, works service or customers. Worldwide service is organised using the "Service Master" module. The "Ultimate" version offers all the functionalities of MST.

Field Service Engineering

The "Service" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) enables access to and modification of all of the controller data which are relevant for performing service and maintenance and for the later installation of machine options. Configurations, parameters, calibration values and error lists can be displayed and modified. This ensures efficient maintenance and easy adaptation to special customer requirements.

Vision² Service Area

The service tool functionality on the V² MATCH Library (V²LIB) display provides access to configurations, parameters, error information and PIN diagnosis. Furthermore, an enhanced error list functionality is provided which combines the error information of all of the controllers and permits the storage of practically any number of error codes on the vehicle.


Use version 4000 of the portable data recorder (HMG) to access the vehicle software project data at the push of a button and for the easiest possible recording and analysis of sensor data of the machine in synchronisation with the status data of the controllers. The measured data collected can be transferred via USB to the PC where it is evaluated and processed using convenient analytical tools.