MATCH for sales partners and end customers

Clear advantages with integrated solutions.


MATCH for sales partners and end customers

Configuration, optimisation, servicing made easy

MATCH provides support to dealers, rental parks and end customers for service, maintenance and repair. Using MATCH makes it possible to maintain machines and adjust them to suit customer specifications.

All the levels are optimally coordinated with one another thanks to an integrated approach of the MATCH Software Suite. Interface losses are eliminated. The installation of new options and configuration of sub-systems on the vehicle can be performed without difficulty.

User management with individually adaptable access rights allows special configuration of the scope of functions tailored to user groups and/or personnel. The possibility of temporary extension of access rights ensures that work is performed unproblematically, even in difficult situations.

Maintenance, configuration and service using MATCH

Advantages at a glance

  • Customer-specific configuration and adjustment at end-of-line
  • Comprehensive range of error analysis options
  • Simultaneous access to all the controllers of the machine
  • Function-specific diagnostic pages
  • PDF-based machine documentation
  • Remote access to all of the functionalities
  • Software download for the entire machine
Sales Partners and end customers


Sales Partners

The "Service" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) enables access to and modification of all of the controller data which are relevant for performing service and maintenance and for the later installation of machine options. Configurations, parameters, calibration values and error lists can be displayed and modified. This ensures efficient maintenance and easy adaptation to special customer requirements.


Use version 4000 of the portable data recorder (HMG) to access the vehicle software project data at the push of a button and for the easiest possible recording and analysis of sensor data of the machine in synchronisation with the status data of the controllers. The measured data collected can be transferred via USB to the PC where it is evaluated and processed using convenient analytical tools.

Sub systems

The robust electrohydraulic sub-systems are developed on the basis of MATCH according to the V-model in accordance with the relevant ISO quality standards. They are extensively tested and freely configurable in all available configurations and ranges of functions and as a rule comply with the functional safety requirements up to the PL'd' or AgPL'd' (SRL2) levels. All sub-systems can be adjusted before delivery using the Subsystem Configuration Tool (SCT) and also be serviced at a later time.

Zu Additional steering
End Customer

The "Service" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) allows the OEM easy access to the current hardware and software information on the controllers. All the data can be stored in encrypted form on the PC and thus easily exchanged with the dealer responsible. In case of an error, error lists can be read and transferred to Service for problem analysis.