• Subsystems: Additional and auxiliary steering
  • Additional steering


ADS (additional steering system) enables control of one or two additional steering axles via electro-hydraulic proportional valves. The software can be used for tandem or tridem trailers with a rigid axle. The application software is available on the HY-TTC 32S controller.


The reference angle for the target value calculation of the individual axle angle can be detected in two ways:

  • with no connection to the towing vehicle via a gyroscope mounted on the trailer.
  • with mechanical connection to the towing vehicle via an angle sensor on the drawbar.

The current steering angle of the towing vehicle is detected on the basis of the reference axle and the target angle for the additional steering axle(s) is calculated on the basis of the set steering type and the selected steering mode.

Advantages of ADS additional steering

  • Using a gyroscope on the drawbar in place of an angle sensor eliminates the need for mechanical coupling with the towing vehicle
  • Various steering modes and operating modes
  • Steering characteristics can be parameterized
  • Different “safe states” can be selected: no requirements or releases
  • Speed-dependent steering-angle reduction
  • Control unit optionally available
  • Valve technology and sensors optionally available
  • Very good system diagnosis and error identification through permanent monitoring functions and start-up check
  • DM1 protocol available

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