MATCH for testers

in all levels of the V-model.


MATCH for testers

Software & system test and machine validation

Efficient testing made easy: MATCH allows quick implementation of all the test levels based on the V-model with integrated safety standards and continually consistent data.

The test levels can be automated easily using scripts. Furthermore, the requirements as well as the use and test cases are available and comprehensibly linked (“traceable”) directly in the scripts.

The default PC simulation of the source code enables elegant implementation of the unit and integration tests without any loss of time. All the vehicle-project data is provided in the automation.

Software & system test and machine validation

Advantages at a glance

  • Plug-and-Play test environment
  • Supports all the test levels in accordance with the V-model
  • Consistent traceability of requirements, use and test cases
  • Requirements management down to the source code
  • Unit and integration tests without source code modification
  • Default PC simulation of the source code
  • Numerous options for test automation
  • Generation of the test cases and test result documentation
  • Combination of real and virtual controllers in the system test
Testing and machine validation


Software test

The test and simulation environment (TSE) implements the test processes required in the V-model. All the project data is provided in the test environment; the test project can be documented easily. The TSE version "Standard Bench Control" is designed for tests with real test bench hardware. The "Virtual Test Environment" version is used for the virtual testing of your software projects on the PC, including multiple controllers.


The remote-controllable Remote Test Bench (RTB) enables function and error mode tests of typical controllers of mobile work machines. Individual test cases can be easily automated using TSE script editor and thus repeated an unlimited number of times for comparability. The test bench allows the connection of any controller hardware. Multiple RTBs can be combined into an overall structure so that controllers can be tested in combination.

Machine validation

The test and simulation environment (TSE) implements the test processes required in the V-model. All the project information is available in the test environment. To validate the application software on the vehicle, the test procedures can be defined on the vehicle and validation lists can be created and managed.


The "Developer" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) provides support at the time of activation of the prototypes and the final optimisation. The "Designer"- version allows an efficient, function-based system analysis on the vehicle. Diagnostic pages, incl. graphic elements, can be set up according to function and modified. The "Ultimate" version offers all the functionalities of MST.


Use version 4000 of the portable data recorder (HMG) to access the vehicle software project data at the push of a button and to modify parameters, configurations and errors. The state variables of the vehicle software can be easily combined with actual measured data in the HMG, recorded in a range lower than a millisecond and transferred to the PC via USB where they are then processed.

Problem analysis in the field

The "Service" version of the Machine Service Tool (MST) enables access and also modification of all the controller data which are relevant for service and maintenance and also for the later installation of machine options. The analysis is significantly simplified by means of error lists and synchronous access to all the controllers. The "Developer" version enables a problem analysis in the field of even greater depth, thanks to additional features.