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Software solutions controller


The targets for the various controllers are composed of the embedded middleware, the MATCH CORE and the specific standard toolbox. They are TÜV-certified and have been used successfully in mobile equipment for many years and in every branch of industry.



The embedded middleware, the MATCH CORE, provides the basic software of the application project – enhanced by comprehensive libraries. The basic software has been extensively tested, TÜV-certified and perfected for mobile working machinery.

You therefore benefit from sophisticated error and parameter management and extensive diagnostics functions and service tool interfaces.

Library modules and communication stacks are easily and modular addable.


  • you can comprehensive functions to access the controller
  • you can significantly simplify the implementation of the functional safety requirements
  • you can program independently of the hardware in an approved and extensively tested environment
  • you can save considerably on development costs
Software solutions controller


The standard toolbox provides essential modules for a simple control of actuators and sensors. These include valves, analogue sensors and switching and control elements.

The standard toolbox is available for every controller platform in MATCH.

It is managed in the Project Definition Tool (PDT). The library modules are tailored to the specific application out of the PDT using the certified Auto Code Builder.

All the library modules of the standard toolbox are TÜV-certified pursuant to the safety levels SIL2, PLd and AgPLd (SRL2).

With the standard toolbox you can noticeably reduce your development workload – while complying with the standards of functional safety.


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Product groups
TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. Functional safety is included.
Solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controls, extensively tested. Functionally safe up to safety levels PL d and AgPL d (SRL 2).
Accessory products for efficient support in software development and software testing and problem analysis at the machine..
Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.