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For the development of application software for visualisation solutions, MATCH uses standardised, freely accessible IDEs (integrated software development environments).

Powerful MATCH Libraries can be incorporated into these IDEs that speed up your development, especially in the start and alteration phases, helping you to focus on the important application logic.


The following libraries are available:


MATCH Libraries for CODESYS

MATCH Libraries for Qt


With our MATCH Libraries for CODESYS, you have access to the extensive capacities of the CODESYS development environment such as code auto-completion, automatic creation of variables and classes and intuitive configuration of the connection hardware.

Thanks to our consistent use of standardised import mechanisms such as PlcOpenXML, we enable you to export all your CAN messages, errors, controllers and many other system components from the PDT and incorporate them into the CODESYS project.

After successful import, these data are available as objects and can be easily processed via CODESYS-ST (structured text).

Demo projects introduce you to development with MATCH within CODESYS and simplify your entry into the world of MATCH on the display.


With our MATCH Libraries for Qt, you enhance the enormous world of the Qt framework with all aspects of MATCH. The Qt Creator development environment actively supports you with powerful tools: code auto-completion, code refactoring, code snippets and a UI designer help you to write error-free code quickly and build attractive user interfaces.

MATCH supports you with automatically generated C++ code that depicts all your CAN messages, errors, controllers and many other system components in code. These can be grouped in a project file and imported directly into the Qt Creator or added to existing projects as a library.

The development of Qt-based MATCH applications with the Qt Creator and MATCH can then be easily learnt on the basis of an example project (included with every MATCH Qt installation) and the supplied documentation.


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Product groups
TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. Functional safety is included.
Solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controls, extensively tested. Functionally safe up to safety levels PL d and AgPL d (SRL 2).
Accessory products for efficient support in software development and software testing and problem analysis at the machine..
Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.