• Fan control


HFC (HYDAC Fan Control) is a standard software application for HY-TTC 30H-CP controllers. This application can be used to realize fan control without programming, for example for mobile machinery cooling systems.

Hydrostatic, fully electric and viscosity-coupling-controlled fan drives are supported. A maximum of two hydrostatic or viscosity-coupling-controlled fan drives and up to five electric drives can be controlled. A maximum of five fan drives can be remote-controlled by one controller in total.

Temperature sensors can be connected to the controller either directly by means of analogue inputs or via CAN. PID controllers control the desired fan speed in the closed-loop control circuit.

The target rotary speed for the fan is specified in accordance with a minimum of one temperature sensor and a maximum of five. Various temperature characteristics can be used and different temperature control ranges can be catered for.

In addition to the manual or automatic reverse functions, manual override to maximum fan speed is naturally also supported.

Inputs for filter clogging and different fluid level sensors complete the functionalities.

The HFC application contains extensive error detection. Error states can be either displayed by signal lamps or sent to the vehicle display via CAN DM1 messages.


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