Construction 4.0



2. December 2019 |

CONSTRUCTION 4.0: TU Dresden setting up Germany’s first 5G construction site – HYDAC Software GmbH developing systems with machine vision

The future of the construction site is in digital networking: “The powerful wireless 5G technology enables real-time communication that can be used to digitally model and design all construction processes and participants involved and all their interactions,” explained Prof. Jürgen Weber, Director of the Institute of Mechatronic Engineering at TU Dresden and coordinator of the joint project “Construction 4.0 – networking and communication between mobile machines to increase efficiency and productivity”.
HYDAC Software GmbH is developing systems with machine vision for the €9m project to register the construction site surroundings and measure construction progress. The challenge is to ensure smooth and stable exchange of image detection data: construction machines can access the environmental detection data of other construction machines, allowing them to “see” things that would otherwise have remained out of sight. A pioneering research field that will only become more significant over time. After all, systems with machine vision will make the construction sites of the future not only more efficient but also safer.

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