• Subsystems: Joystick- & Amplified steering


JOS (joystick steering) makes it possible to remote-control a hydraulic steering axle via electronic joystick in conjunction with hydraulic proportional valves. The system can be used in parallel with a mechanic-hydraulic steering system (orbitrol) and be activated with it by means of toggle switching. Installation as an independent steering system, without an orbitrol, is also possible. Simultaneous, combined operation with the orbitrol is thus not possible with joystick steering, unlike a superimposed steering system (EAS).

The joystick can be used to specify the steering speed at the vehicle axle. Depending on the sensors that are also available in the vehicle, it is possible to adjust the amplification between joystick deflection and steering speed flexibly to suit the particular driving situation.

With JOS, a convenient steering system can be set up for use on the construction site, on the business premises or in the field. An additional driving direction selection switch can be installed.

As well as the steering speed being specified via the joystick signal, there is an interface to the vehicle CAN bus that makes it possible to specify the steering signal by means of standardized commands in accordance with the ISOBUS standard. This means that sensor-based steering assistance systems can be realized.

Advantages of HYDAC joystick steering

  • Suitable for vehicles with Ackermann steering and those with articulated steering
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system or to supplement a steering-wheel-based steering system
  • Various release functionalities in conjunction with on-road driving
  • The steering speed can be specified via the joystick
  • Steering signal specification by assistance systems is possible via CAN SAE J1939
  • Steering behavior can be based on vehicle speed and/or vehicle direction
  • Incorporation of an additional driving direction selection switch for convenient maneuvering
  • Diverse joystick steering unloading functions in accordance with vehicle speed and/or steering wheel operation
  • Simple integration into existing vehicle architectures
  • Various valve characteristics can be realized
  • Left/right steering behavior the same thanks to integrated teaching processes
  • Steering cylinder end stops are moved to gently with integration of a steering angle sensor at the steering axle
  • Manual switching between joystick steering and specification by assistance systems


The software is available in three variants, which mainly differ in that they have different operating options. The individual software versions are available on the HY-TTC 32S controllers.


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