EHC (electro-hydraulic control) is machine application software for manual remote control of hydraulic mobile valves that can be remote controlled proportionally or with on-off control. The valve spool can be controlled directly by solenoid or pilot-controlled via pressure-reducing valves. The application is available on the controllers HY-TTC 32/HY-TTC 32S—depending on the required level of functional safety. Up to three controllers can be combined to form one overall system.

The EHC software makes it easy to structure a system for machine control: you can apply the signals from analogue joysticks, push-buttons or switches to the controller inputs, combine the current outputs in pairs with pilot valves of the mobile valve axis and then configure the software functionalities to suit the system behavior you require.



The software is available in the variants BASIC, BASICplus and UPGRADEassist. The variants build on each other and are all available with their own HY-TTC 32(S) controller.



The BASIC version supports proportional and/or on/off valve control, with evaluation of a large number of different analogue joystick signals. Your machine can be operated safely in combination with the implemented release functions.



BASICplus contains the entire function range of the BASIC version. A continuous hydraulic function is also provided, which provides much greater ease of use thanks to its adjustable and retrievable flow rate adjustment.

The electronic flowsharing makes it possible for you to operate a classic load-sensing valve—such as one from the HYDAC LX family—like a valve with downstream pressure compensators.



The upgrade version provides assistance functions to increase the operating efficiency of your machine: for example, sensor-based work area restrictions and even parallel proportional control of two functions with just one direction specification at the joystick.


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TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. Functional safety is included.
Solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controls, extensively tested. Functionally safe up to safety levels PL d and AgPL d (SRL 2).
Accessory products for efficient support in software development and software testing and problem analysis at the machine..
Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.